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  Voice Solutions Personal Player


Personal Player Transcription Kit - Ease yourself into the digital age!

   With the wide variety of digital recorders comes the need for an equally versatile digital transcription option. As our customers have found, our Personal Player software provides just that, versatility both in use and implementation. Dictation can be sent to the Player over the network, whether it be within the office or from another state! Audio dictation files can be emailed to and used on your PC, or copied from a digital media such as a CD. Personal Player also works with our Voice Solutions System, and supports direct dictation downloads from digital portables, the DS4000, DS3000 & VS100. But the application's features don't end simply with versatility. We've designed a powerful, yet user-friendly interface that guides even novice PC users through the process. So say goodbye to the old days of analog tapes, and ease yourself into the digital age with Personal Player!  

bulletComes equipped with a deluxe foot pedal and headset
bulletPlays Dss, Wav and Voice Solutions Systems Files
bulletApplies Custom Demographics to Standard Wav files
bulletIncludes Speed Control, Skip and Save abilities
bulletCustom Voice Prompts guide you through using the program
bulletBuilt in “Graphic Equalizer” Tone Control




- The Personal Player
main screen

Jobs available for transcription are shown with author, length, and date information.


While you are transcribing all of the features you need are just a click away with these convenient buttons.


Have a speaker setup? Is the voice coming through too deep or high-pitched? All of those settings can be adjust: bass, treble, wave, etc.


Desktop space is valuable when you hard at work, so Personal Player automatically minimizes once you begin to transcribe. All of the app's features are just a click away though.


Spending an entire day transcribing off audio files is by no means enjoyable. With our built-in Equalizer, however, you can tweak that file to your satisfaction.