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                                                 Spec Sheet (.pdf)


   The DS-3300 is a professional digital voice recorder that supports removable xD cards for up to 5 hours of recording time on a 32MB xD card. These cards can then be removed and its files downloaded quickly and easily to a PC by a variety of xD download devices, or you can simply attach the DS-3300 to a PC by the included USB cable to transfer your files.

    The DS-3300 also includes 5 folders for voice file management, capable of storing up to 199 messages per folder, all of which can be moved from one folder to another for easy organization. Additionally, the DS-3300 provides DSS Player Pro Dictation Software that automates dictation workflow over a network or e-mail for further file management.

Features and Benefits

bulletRemovable xD Digital Recorder holds up to 5 hours of
high-quality DSS audio.
bulletIncludes 32MB xD card for more than five hours of recording
time- Store your recordings in up to 5 separate folders. Folders can
be assigned names of up to eight characters.
bulletStore up to 199 messages per folder.
bulletLCD screen displays message number, a real-time counter, remaining
recording time, current time and date and operating mode.
bulletEditing capability allows easy overwrite, partial erase and insert 
bulletStore up to 10 different Work Types in the recorder. Great for specifying
the exact type of dictation to transcription services.
bulletIndexing and Voice Activation capability.
bulletBuilt-in USB interface to quickly transfer recorded voice data to a PC.
bulletDirect dictation to your PC is also possible when the DS-3300 is hooked up to your USB port.


    The Olympus DS-3300 lets you manage all your dictation with the DSS Player Dictation Module. The software can even attach your dictation to an email and automatically send it. All you have to do is attach the DS-3300 to your USB port.

    For the Transcriptionist, the DSS Player Pro Transcription Module can scan
your email for DSS files and manage all typing from there. Mark your recording as Finished, and it's automatically moved to a different folder.


Olympus DS-4000


                                                           Spec Sheet (.pdf)                                                      

bulletProfessional slide switch digital recorder with removable media.
bullet32 MB xD Picture card holds 5+ hours of recording time.
bulletProgrammable author ID's, and work types.
bullet2 programmable buttons.
bullet5 folders by default, up to 7 folders with 199 messages per folder.
bulletCradle with recharge function.
bulletDSS Player Professional Dictation Software.
bulletSlide switch operation
bulletDSS Recording Format
bulletMass storage class/hid/audio device
bulletLarge LCD with backlight
bulletHands-free recording with optional Foot Control
bulletSoftware driven recorder settings
bulletProgrammable firmware
bulletFully featured and configurable.
bulletDownload and file management software.
bulletDocking Station / Cradle with recharge function included.
bulletRechargeable battery pack included.
bulletEasy to install and setup in a workgroup environment.
bulletSupport standard email and FTP protocols.
bullet SMTP Support (Outlook Express, etc.)
bullet MAPI compliant support (MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.)
bulletComplete workflow solution for dictation and transcription.
bulletFile Management tool.
bulletSoftware configuration tool for the DS-4000 menu.
bulletAutomatic link of document to dictation.
bulletAdvanced download options.
bulletConfigurable DSS filename format.
bulletArchiving of DSS files.
bullet Full support for WAV/WMA files.

Olympus DS-5000


Quiet and easy to use slide switch results in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.


512 MB card provides 38+ hours of recording time.


DSS Player Pro software provides direct recording to your PC, automatic retrieval of typed documents, automatic distribution of recordings via email, and much more.


Provides customized functions to suit your dictation needs. The recorder firmware can also be programmed for additional functionality and flexibility.


Supports SD and Micro SD, dual Memory Cards.


Lock or password protect your files to keep them safe and secure.


Recharges the Ni-MH battery pack, allows hands-free recording, and provides for fast and easy uploading/downloading of data to your PC.

Up to 32 index marks per file.
bulletSD and microSD, dual memory cards are supported.
Optional barcode scanner.
bulletDevice lock function with password lets you keep your files safe and secure.
Durable USB connector and battery door.
bulletVerbal comment function. Instantly search and play back verbal comments using DSS Player software.
bulletLCD supports and displays multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.
bulletRechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for added convenience automatically charges when the recorder is placed in the cradle.
bulletCentralized firmware update.
bulletLow power consumption allows for long recording times.
bulletCentralized navigation buttons for easy data input and settings.
bulletManager tool for easy setup and customization.




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