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  DS-2200 Conference Kit

Spec Sheet (.pdf)

  The DS-2200 digital voice recorder is ideal for professionals who value first-class recording quality as well as extensive functionality. Slim, ergonomic and elegant with a full-metal body, it also meets the design requirements of a top executive business tool. 

  By simply attaching the stereo microphone or multiple microphones, important meetings, interviews can be saved in stereo high quality.  

  Meetings, depositions can be recorded in Stereo (Separate Left and Right Channel) and channels maybe reviewed separately for ease of review/transcription. 

  There are four recording modes to choose from so the user can give priority to either the best possible sound quality or the longest recording times.

  The DS-2200 may be slipped into a jacket pocket or briefcase. It is therefore always close at hand to save ideas wherever inspiration strikes. The remote control converts into a clip microphone for hands free dictation. This lets the user monitor him or herself giving presentations, for example, or take notes while scanning through a report. 

  Over four hours may be saved in the SHQ mode to the 128MB xD-Picture Card provided. However, since new cards can be inserted when the first is full, the recording times are virtually endless perfect for the busy professional on the move.  

  Downloading the voice files is fast and simple using the USB docking station supplied. Alternatively, the cards may be slotted in to an optional PC card adapter or reader/writer and then transferred to the PC. Once on the computer, they may be effortlessly managed, edited or organized using the DSS Player Pro software supplied.


  To help streamline the office workflow, there is the optional AS-4000 Transcription Kit. Besides the foot control and headset, this also contains the DSS Player Pro software transcription module, which makes it easier for the secretary to type up the recordings.


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